Cash for Life Lottery Tickets

Who hasn’t bought at least one ticket in the hope that just perhaps your ticket might be a winner. The reality is of cause that you just added $4.00 to the liberal government’s Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation’s bottomless pit . The interesting thing is that with all the TV ads promoting the Cash for Life sales, you never hear the same ads showing anyone winning. You have go online to the OLG site and there you see a few small photos of winners usually from locations somewhere in Canada.

I would love to hear from a winner to know that the tickets are for real and that we aren’t just sinking more money in Daulton McGuinty’s retirement fund.

Any winners ???????

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2 responses to “Cash for Life Lottery Tickets

  1. We are all winners!
    Just pay your Hydro Bill

    Living in Toronto Ontario
    David Pylyp

  2. I had an acquaintance in high school whose parents won the cash for life. I’m uncertain if they took it all in one lump sum, or if they opted for the $1000 a week. I do know they pimped out their basement with a hot tub and a wet bar. There was also a couple times I debated on getting a ticket, decided it was better to put my last few bucks towards milk (or some other such need), only to find out a week later that somebody else had won Cash for Life. I still kick myself in the ass thinking back on that-it could have been me who won!

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