Sauce attack boy on DNA register


DNA samples

The girl’s mother said she was happy with how police handled the matter

A father has complained to Kent police after his teenage son was added to the national DNA database for slamming ketchup on to a girl’s head.

Zach Cameron, 15, of Chatham, was issued with a reprimand for common assault when he admitted attacking the teenager with a sachet of tomato sauce.

He attended the police station with his parents after the incident on Chatham High Street two weeks ago.

Kent Police said officers had followed the Home Office code of practice.

The DNA of anyone arrested for a recordable offence and detained at a police station can be added to the national database.

Zach’s father James said: “What he did was stupid, I’m not going to argue that. I think the police do a wonderful job, but it seems to me their hands were tied.

The boy has owned up to the offence and has been rightfully punished for what he has done
Girl’s mother

“To stick him on the DNA database alongside rapists, murderers, burglars, what I would class as proper criminals, just seems a bit excessive to me.”

The teenage girl’s mother said she thought the matter had been dealt with fairly by police and was happy it was now over.

In a statement released by Kent Police, she said: “The boy has owned up to the offence and has been rightfully punished for what he has done.

“The force that was used to slam the ketchup down on my daughter’s head was so hard that she thought her knees were going to buckle.”

Det Ins Dave Berry, from Kent Police, said Zach can apply to have the details removed from the database.

“There is a well-established appeals process for people feel that they shouldn’t have their DNA on the DNA database,” he added.

Taken from the BBC News – updated at 19:52 GMT, Tuesday, 20 October 2009 20:52 UK


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