Ontario’s Harmonized Tax Grab Coming in 2010

(Content reproduced from email circulating the internet)

This proposed tax is huge and will effect us all in so many ways. Here are some of the items that we will have to pay an extra 8% on. 

  • Cable TV:  if $60 monthly, yearly increase is $57..60 more.
  • Golf Fees:  if $1,500 yearly X 2, yearly increase is $240.00 more
  • Gym Membership:  if $35 month X 2, yearly increase is $67.20 more.
  • Hydro:  if $85 monthly, yearly increase is $81.60 more.
  • Haircuts:  if $450 X 2 annually, yearly increase is $72.00 more.
  • Heating Fuel:  if $800 annually, yearly increase is $64.00 more.
  • Internet:  If $65 monthly, yearly increase is $62.40 more.
  • Income Tax Prep. If cost is $150 X 2, yearly increase is $24.00 more.
  • Legal Fees:  for wills, P.Of A., advice, etc. Add 8%, $32 more.
  • London KNIGHTS tickets: 4 games X 2, yrly incr. Is $11.52 more   (note Senior Season Ticket $484 X 2, yearly increase is $77.4 4 more)
  • Magazine Subscription:  $25 annually X 4, increase is $8.00 more
  • Movie Tickets:  one per month X 2, yearly increase is $16.32 more
  • Newspapers Subscription: $20 monthly, yrly incr. Is $18.91 more
  • RRIF/RRSP**: $400,000 family savings, yrly incr. $1,040.00 more. **This is a NEW HIDDEN TAX OF $52 per $20,000 on deposit, ANNUALLY
  • Telephone: if $48 monthly, yearly increase is $46.08 more
  • Tim Hortons Coffee:  3 per week X 2, yrly increase is $41.18.
  • Toronto Theatre: 2 X $150 ticket, yrly increase $24.00
  • Vacation Travel: $450 airline ticket X 2, yrly increase $76.00 more
  • Veterinarian:  Beagle is Family!  Add $32.00 more..
  • Vitamins: $60 monthly X 2, yrly increase $115.20 more

Are you ready for the TAX KICK coming NEXT YEAR?


If you are opposed to McGuinty’s proposed new tax grab, go to www.unfairtaxgrab.com and sign the petition. If not, well enjoy the increased taxes and dont bitch about it afterwards. LSD


About lorrystdavid

I'm a retired guy who loves to get involved in community affairs and issues especially when I feel there is some injustice involved or that I have a valid point of view. I still believe that the pen is mightier than the sword although lately, I am wondering if this is still true.
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