A Very Special Young Man named Freedom

Received from Michelle Anderson (Freedom’s Mom) – March 2010

I just thought I would introduce you to Freedom. Freedom is a 14-year-old boy with 2 sisters and a brother, he has a wonderful sense of humour and a laugh that would make anyone smile. There are two major loves in Freedom’s life right now his baby sister Alexis and animals, before he got sick freedom volunteered at a cat rescue, playing with and brushing cats and kittens. He wants to be vet when he grows up. For the last month Freedom has been down at Sick Kids hospital. He was born with a birth defect known as Spinabifida which means that there was a hole in his spine. He also suffered from hydrocephalus which is excess fluid on the brain and had to have a shunt put in to drain that fluid.
Since just after the new year Freedom has had a large pressure sore on his back that had gotten infected. While at school one day his spine collapsed and broke through the skin. What is hard to understand is the shape of his back, he actually has a 90 degree curve in his spine so his back sticks out in a large fist sized bump, that is the area that had the pressure sore on it.
So for the last month we have been at Sick Kids to try to get rid of the infection that was taking over his body, the doctors have come up with a plan to help Freedom and he had his first surgery to put a skin graph and the open sores 2 weeks ago. We are now waiting to see if the skin will heal. They allowed Freedom to come home for two weeks while the skin healed before his second surgery, this was quite tricky because he cannot sit up, he is to have no pressure on his back at all, so we said a prayer and brought him home lying down in the car. Freedom faces at least 2 more surgeries, he has to have skin expanders put in to stretch the skin in his back, they need good skin for when they do his big surgery, to remove the bump and close the back. The big surgery is going to be in May which day we are not sure yet, it involves 12 hours in the operating room and 7 doctors. They are gong to remove the bone of his spine and have to sever his spinal cord, to straighten his back, without this surgery he would have to spend the rest of his life lying on his belly never being able to do the things boys enjoy, so we have decide along with Freedom that it is time for the surgery. Although there are many risks involved we are trusting and praying that everything will turn out for the better.
Freedom will spend 3 months in hospital with skin expanders and then up to 5 months in hospital after the major surgery, he has a long road ahead of him but we know through everyone praying that he will recover wonderfully.
As anyone knows who is a parent it pulls at your heart to see your child suffer, and through all this we are also responsible for the well-being of three other children, so there are some days that are very hard for our family, we are doing our best to balance being in Toronto at the hospital with the needs of our other children. We would ask that you keep Freedom and our family in your prayers as we go through this together.
Thank-You for your continued Prayers
Michelle Anderson

I have enclosed a few photos so you could see Freedom in action with his brother Silas and sister Alexis


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