Justin Bieber’s mother knocked down by New Zealand teen fans


April 28, 2010

The Canadian Press, 2010

TORONTO – Justin Bieber is asking his leagues of zealous teenage fans to show a little restraint after his mother was knocked down as they arrived in New Zealand on Tuesday night.

The 16-year-old Canadian singer tweeted his two million-plus fans Wednesday: “Finally got to New Zealand last night. The airport was crazy. Not happy that someone stole my hat and knocked down my mama. Come on people.”

The star’s mother, Pattie Mallette, tweeted that she was “OK” after being pushed over by rampaging fans at Auckland Airport. “Thanks for all ur support.

I’m ok thank you, she wrote.

It was his mother’s posting of videos of Bieber singing on YouTube that first caught the attention of the music industry. His song “Baby” became a top-ten hit on iTunes earlier this year, and his popularity has grown to teen idol status.

Before arriving at the airport, the singer had told fans that he wanted to sign autographs and have pictures taken. But police and security had to shut the opportunity down because fans were pushing.

The frenzy followed similar scenes in Sydney, Australia, earlier in the week, where police cancelled a Bieber concert after surging crowds crushed some fans. The most serious injury was a fractured kneecap.

A similar situation occurred at a mall in Long Island, N.Y., in November. Bieber’s free concert was cancelled at the 11th hour when hundreds of fans stampeded after a reported sighting of the teen star.

In New Zealand, a mob of mainly teen girls screamed their welcome and swarmed toward Bieber at the airport. Escorted by security, police and minders, Bieber quickly left the airport out a side door.

A waiting black SUV whisked him away, leaving some fans sobbing with disappointment.

After Bieber’s departure, teen Tory Shaffett said she was having trouble breathing.

“Oh my god, he was so amazing and beautiful. I can’t believe I saw him,” she told reporters.

Bieber bungy jumped off Auckland Harbour Bridge on Wednesday and posted footage on his Twitter account.

Later Wednesday, Bieber wore an All Blacks rugby jersey and played drums at a music lesson with a dozen teens at Strathallan High School for girls, before belting out half a dozen songs at an impromptu concert in front of 500 students.

He sang “One Time,” “Never Let You Go,” “You Smile,” “That Should Be Me, Baby” and “Favourite Girl” to his teenage girl audience.

He also had a request for their next music lesson.

“The next song you need to learn is ‘One’ by Metallica. You guys keep rocking out,” The “Stuff” news website quoted Bieber telling the students, aged from 11 to 17.

“I’ll definitely be back,” he added.


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