Tamils Land in Canada

 Here we go again with the arrival of a boat load of Tamils that two other countries have turned away. Why is it that refugees pick on Canada for asylum? Is it because we have a government that is compassionate or a government that has no balls. I suspect the latter is true. It seems that instead of these illegal immigrants being thankful for being permitted to live here, they feel they have a right to bleed our social system for financial assistance, health care, legal aid and anything else they can get for free. Most insist on keeping their dress, customs and traditions and expect the rest of Canada to accommodate them. Have lots of kids because the more kids, the more money Canada will give you. Why work when Canada will support you and give you almost twice as much per month as our seniors citizens. What a great country we live in – just don’t get old if you’re not a refugee.


About lorrystdavid

I'm a retired guy who loves to get involved in community affairs and issues especially when I feel there is some injustice involved or that I have a valid point of view. I still believe that the pen is mightier than the sword although lately, I am wondering if this is still true.
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2 Responses to Tamils Land in Canada

  1. john ferguson says:

    What the hell? Don’t our Coast Guard have torpedoes?
    Because there should have been a ship full of Terrorists in Davey Jones locker last week. Instead, I am feeding them steak diinner. ! I thought i elected Conservatives, not ass wipers. 😦

    • lorrystdavid says:

      Thanks for the comment – I get so annoyed that we seem like a country of wimps. For once it would be nice to see our government send these people away to somewhere else. I bet more boat loads will now follow. They paid up to $50,000 to come here – If I had $50,000, I’d move to Australia, a country with balls.

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