Cody Simpson pops up as a Nickelodeon star

by Lisa Simmons – October 9, 2010

KIDS have voted Gold Coast teen-pop-sensation Cody Simpson a winner.

The former All Saints school boy, 14, was last night voted fave aussie muso at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards at the Sydney Entertainment Centre.

Simpson’s surprised fans made an early run along the orange carpet, screaming and chanting `Cody Cody Cody’.

Inside the popular payTV channel’s awards ceremony, Simpson sang his single ‘iYiYiY’.

He was joined at the gong show by an entourage of friends and family from the Gold Coast, including mum Angie, dad Brad, brother Tom and sister Ali.

”Thank you, this is great,” said Simpson.

”Last year I was watching the Kids Choice Awards. This year I am here and I am a winner.”

The Gold Coast was well represented on the night, where kids vote for their favourite TV, film, music and sports stars in categories which include fave kiss, cutest couple and baddest baddie.

The biggest cheers were reserved for Gold Coast-reared Simpson, Australian Idol winner Stan Walker, Tomorrow When The War Began star Lincoln Lewis and X-Factor contestant Mitchell Smith from Byron Bay.

Check out Cody’s official website for exciting news and photos.


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