US Soldier in Iraq Upset at Broken ‘HP’ Printer

This soldier in Iraq had an HP printer which quit working. He contacted HP tech support for help to fix it. HP told the soldier that he would have to pay them for the advice. Watch this 60 second video for his response to them. I don’t know how many folks will end up seeing this ……..but HP customer relations probably wish they had helped him out or even sent him a new printer.

Watch and enjoy this video

I think HP needs to rethink their position with respect to the US Military. Unfortunately if a Canadian soldier did what this young American soldier did, our government would probably court-martial him or even disband his regiment.


About lorrystdavid

I'm a retired guy who loves to get involved in community affairs and issues especially when I feel there is some injustice involved or that I have a valid point of view. I still believe that the pen is mightier than the sword although lately, I am wondering if this is still true.
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