Cody Simpson’s ‘4 U’ Out Now!

Cody Simpson's '4 U' Out Now!
Check out the cover art for Cody Simpson’s 4 U EP!Read more:

The 14-year-old musician caught up with M mag about his new record, saying that he wasn’t really nervous about having fans hear new material from him. Cody shared, “I’m not nervous at all. I’m so excited for my fans to be able to hear some new music. There are five tracks on it. Well, the EP is called, 4 U and there are five tracks on it, including ‘iYiYi.’ I’m so excited to be able to share some new music with everybody.”

Cody added, about the most personal song, “The most personal song is probably ‘Don’t Cry Your Heart Out.’ It’s about a girl that is being treated badly by another guy or something, and then you’re kind of saying don’t cry your heart out because I’m here for you.”

HAVE YOU BOUGHT Cody’s new EP? What do you think of it?


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