Justin Bieber opens his shirt, and his heart, for Vanity Fair cover story

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By Marc Weisblott | Canada – Daily Brew – Tue, 4 Jan 10:30 AM EST

How can a print magazine get picked up by young girls in 2011? 

Justin Bieber could be the answer. After all, he became the primary cover subject of titles like BOP and Tiger Beat last year, along with issues of Seventeen and Teen Vogue, and several publications dedicated entirely to the Stratford, Ont.-spawned singing star.

And now, he’s made it to the front of the most prestigious of periodicals: Vanity Fair.

The story, by veteran music journalist Lisa Robinson, promises to be the definitive account of a 16-year-old at the likely height of his fame. Robinson has specialized in this sort of journalism for so long that her history of encounters with Michael Jackson stretched back to 1972.

For his turn at a profile, Bieber shared his perspective on the late King of Pop’s populism.

“He was broad, everybody loved him, and that’s what my goal is – to basically make people happy, to inspire them, and have everyone root for me.”

Robinson also noted that Bieber, who earns a minimum of $300,000 per concert, had one book on his tour bus: “Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money.” Will Smith suggested that he read it.

Also interviewed for the story was Justin’s 35-year-old mom, Pattie Mallette, who still believes that her personal encounter with God led to Justin being put on earth to bring light and inspiration to the world, which isn’t news to those who have seen her interviews with Canadian evangelical television.

But it also means that, contrary to rumours, Mallette isn’t likely to be posing for a nude pictorial in Playboy anytime soon.

Justin was photographed for the profile by Art Streiber, whose best-known work is the wide-eyed movie poster for “The 40-Year-Old Virgin.”

A gaggle of excited teenage girls were recruited to serve as extras for the shoot. And, encouraged by a vintage photo of a young Michael Jackson partially exposing his chest, published as part of a posthumous tribute in Vanity Fair, Bieber was eager to pay homage.

“Check out my six-pack!” he exclaimed.

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(Photo courtesy VanityFair.com)


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