Judeo-Christian Values are Everyday Life for Teen Heartthrob: How Justin Bieber’s Manager Keeps Him Balanced and Benevolent

Reposted from Breaking Christian New – written by Aimee Herd – News Staff – Aish.com – (Feb 16, 2011)


“I am in the position to give back thanks to my fans and God… I wanted to help others and I feel like I have a responsibility to do so. What’s the point of all this if you can’t make a difference in others’ lives?” –Justin Bieber

On the outside you might mistake the current subject of swooning teenybopper girls—one Justin Bieber-barely a teen himself—for just another kid who’s a product of the music industry’s “next best thing,” destined to succumb to the glitter and narcissism of the spotlight.

But, on a closer inspection you’d see something different about him. For one thing, being raised by his Believing single mom, Justin Bieber is a Christian, who seems to enjoy translating his faith into acts of compassion.

Bieber and his mother are not alone in that however, as the one who first recognized Justin’s musical talent and charismatic personality through his YouTube videos, and who has brought him to this extraordinary season of success, is also extremely grounded in Biblical values…

Justin Bieber and Scooter BraunMeet Justin’s manager and kind of surrogate father figure, 29-year-old Scooter Braun, an Atlanta-based music executive, who is steeped in Kosher Jewish tradition.

Braun’s grandmother spent her teen years in Auschwitz. His family instilled in him a strong moral ethic; their generous compassion often led them to take in many who were in need. Braun enthusiastically notes that “education, family, charity and God” were the values with which he was raised.


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