Rogers vs Bell – Are They really Any Different?

I just recently switched to Rogers after a lifetime of being with Bell Canada. Economically Rogers seemed a better choice, however the problem is that since changing my email to Rogers I have started getting spam every day. I never ever had a spam email with Bell and I am now starting to wonder if switching was such a good idea. Also the downloads with Rogers are much slower that Bell. After switching I received a call from Bell Canada wanting know why I left  and what could they do to get me back. Strange how when they’ve got you, they don’t give a hoot, but when you leave they want to make all sorts of offers. The problem as I see it that we have allowed two giant company’s to control our communications industry.  I feel that the CRTC is mostly to blame for the way things are today. A government controlled agency that has the power to regulate our world. Change is definitely required and now is the time for that change. That’s the way I see it  from my ‘POINT OF VIEW’.


About lorrystdavid

I'm a retired guy who loves to get involved in community affairs and issues especially when I feel there is some injustice involved or that I have a valid point of view. I still believe that the pen is mightier than the sword although lately, I am wondering if this is still true.
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