As we watch the terrible news from France about the murder of members of the press by Islamic terrorists, it makes you realize that freedom of the press is gradually being shut down out of fear. Who in the press will speak out and condemn these Muslims without fear of reprisal or being ‘politically correct’, the cowards out.  For years there has been reports about terrorist sleeper cells in the Canada and the U.S.A. and yet we keep allowing immigration from Islamic countries. Statistics estimate that Canada will be a Muslim dominated country in 25 – 30 years just based on the number of baby’s born to Muslims vs non-Muslims. That means that my grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be living under  Shiite law.

When I think of all the good men and women who fought in the last war, millions of people dying so that we could live in freedom, I now wonder if it was worth it. Our country and the USA is falling prey to an invasion of  Muslim immigrants who rarely assimilate into the our way of life. Most join mosques and often associate with Imams who teach their congregations to be loyal to Islamic ideals and rituals rather than living under the laws of this once glorious country.

Is it too late to reverse the trend? I doubt it, but we must speak up and stand up for our rights. We have been the silent majority far too long and as long as we are silent and live in our own little bubble, this trend will never stop. Maybe it’s too late to stop, but from ‘My Point of View’  at least we can slow it down if we SPEAK OUT NOW.

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Canada’s Solution to ISIS


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Disability Benefits Program Needs a Major Overhaul

Having worked hard all my life, I find it frustrating that many people who are capable of working, choose not too and prefer to live off the backs of the Canadian tax payer. The most misused program is disability benefits. This is a program that allows people to live a life of freedom from normal responsibilities. Now there are definitely people who through sickness or accidents, need this assistance but I have met many others who do not. Many work under the table by not reporting their income so that their benefits aren’t cut back. Why should drug addicts or alcoholics get paid to sit at home and continue with their addictions. Few ever change for more than a few months before heading back to their lifestyle of choice. Most smoke, and regularly take advantage of their local food banks. I am amazed at the number of people I see outside our my local Food Bank puffing away at $10 a pack. It is time for a serious overhaul of the disability program and the people who administer it. It is also time for the public to start reporting people who abuse the system and administrators who spend so that their budgets won’t be cut back. Our economy cannot afford to pay for freeloaders while our seniors on fixed incomes can barely survive without taking a part-time job at Wal-Mart or Tim Hortons. Something is definitely wrong with this picture.

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Islamic Invasion in Canada

As we watch and read the daily news, we see an ever increasing reference to Muslims and Islam. No matter the country or city they are entrenched and plan to stay. The sad thing is that most politicians, Canada’s included are so concerned about political correctness, that they are afraid to speak out for fear of offending someone. That is how the Nazi party got a foot hold in the 1930’s. As we see the constant rocket attacks on Israel by Hamas, we begin to realize that Peace in the Middle East will never happen because this is a war of religious ideologies. We read in the newspapers about young men educated here in Canada and many other countries leaving to fight for ISIS. Most Facebook comments that I read suggest that our government never allow them back into Canada. Many others hope that they get blown to hell. What we see is a line being drawn in the sand. Muslim vs Non Muslim. Their mandate is that unless we, Christians, Jews and non-Muslims, otherwise referred to as infidels, convert to Islam, we are to be executed by beheading. I hear constantly that there are numerous Muslims in Canada that are peace loving citizens and with this I agree, however prior to the second world war there were numerous Germans who were also peace loving Germans, but when push came to shove they ended up fighting for Hitler to dominate the world.

We must speak up and protect our country, our people and our way of life before it is too late, if not for us, for the sake of our children and grandchildren. This country, like the USA was founded on Biblical principles, but over the last number of decades we have allowed new immigrants to insist on change to suit their religions and beliefs. We have caved in and have now become a society afraid to stand up for our own rights for fear of offending the rights of immigrants. Well personally I’m offended that I cannot speak my mind without being called a bigot or a racist. Too bad, I fully intend to say what I believe. 

Our National Anthem says  “Oh Canada we stand on guard for thee.” If we don’t start standing up and speaking out, we could very shortly be standing on guard for Canada against Islam. That is from my point of view.

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Pension increase – Joke or an Insult?

While the Ontario provincial government is increasing anything they can to help offset their mishandling of tax payers money, our hydro and heating bills are rising at an alarming rate and gasoline goes up and down like a toilet seat at a mixed party, I find it hard to understand how my government pensions increase was a measly $6.01 a month. Granted pensions are run by the Feds but part of my taxes go to the Ontario tax grabbers.

We know that as soon as an election is in the wind, governments makes promises that they have absolutely no intention on keeping. Dalton McGuinty was an expert at that and trained his replacement Kathleen Wynne well in the art of deception. It is interesting that she can promise to bring the minimum wage to $11 an hour in line with the cost of inflation but ignores the plight of the largest group of people in the province, seniors.

Perhaps we have become accustomed to being ignored and treated like second class citizens for too long. Perhaps it is time to stand up and let these elected officials know that it is our tax money that pays their overly generous pay cheques and allowances. We have the power to hire and fire with one thing, our vote. Isn’t it about time we started to use this power and organize ourselves into a power wielding machine and force change in our favor. Who will lead the charge? Any takers?

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Is There Any Hope for Seniors in Canada?

Unlike the U.K. Canada has no special assistance for seniors that I can determine. In the U.K. there are programs to insulate seniors homes, install safety items around the home, and help with heating bills during cold weather. These are at no cost to the senior but intended to make sure that older Brits can live at home safely for as long as possible. In Canada they make it almost impossible for seniors to stay in their homes unless they are reasonably wealthy. Take my case in point. About 5 years ago I was diagnosed with throat cancer and after various treatments, namely radiation, chemotherapy and surgery I have been living and working to maintain a relatively normal life. My issue with our system is this. As a result of the radiation I have to maintain my dental work at the Princess Margaret Hospital dental clinic.The radiation tends to damage the gums and teeth as so it is necessary for fluoride treatments, constant cleanings and fillings. After one cleaning recently and a subsequent series of fillings, my bill was around $2000.00 which was added to my ongoing balance. I try to pay it off at $100.00 per month as I am now on the government O.A.S and C.P.P with some extra income from lawn and garden work that I do in the summer months. I contacted the O.H.I.P office to see if this might be covered as it is a direct result of illness and treatment. The answer was a flat NO.

As I get older I know that there will come a time, sooner than later that I will be unable to do the work I do, and then unable to pay off this huge debt. It is also quite likely with the constant increase in energy costs, that I will be unable to afford to continue renting my modest cottage.

I realize that over the years I have not always made the wisest of choices, but I have managed to work all my life and contribute to society with taxes, charitable donation and helping in community and church affairs. Why is it then that our government can treat refugees with a higher degree of concern and monitory assistance than our aging population? If we as seniors rose up and organized ourselves into one major group, the government would be begging to listen to our concerns. What about a new seniors political organization or lobby group and even maybe a new party?

Anybody interested??

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Thought this cartoon summed up Mayor Ford’s situation aptly.

Rob Ford

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